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Meet Our APASS Staff and ESOL Instructors

Meet Our APASS Staff and ESOL Instructors

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David Lee, Ed.D.


A San Francisco native, David attended Hamilton College and San Francisco State University.

Prior to coming to Laney College, David served as Executive Director of the non-profit Chinese American Voters Education Committee in Chinatown.

His civic and volunteer work includes service on the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Commission, KQED Board of Directors and the U.S. Census Bureau CIC Steering Committee.

David taught Political Science at San Francisco State University for over a decade and is an expert in Asian American civic engagement and political mobilization.

His accomplishments in his non-profit and civic work have been recognized by the San Francisco Foundation, the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation.









John Lau

Project Specialist

Raised in San Francisco, John attended U.C. Berkeley and graduated in 1975 with a B.A. in Anthropology.  In the following year, he received his California Teaching Credential from the Black, Asian, Chicano Urban Program (BACUP) from U.C. Berkeley.

Upon graduation, John was a teacher for the federally funded program Project Head Start in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.

After a seven-year stint, he left education to pursue a position as a Squash Racquets Teaching Professional at the University Club of San Francisco.  He was our nation’s #1 ranked Veteran’s Singles Player in 1991 and in 1998 was the #1 ranked Veteran’s Doubles Player.

What started out as a temporary plan of action became a 32-year career!

After this extended hiatus from teaching, John has come full-circle and is now back in education as a Project Specialist for APASS at Laney College.


ESOL Instructors (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Agard, Anne                                

Brooks, Deborah                        

Cohen, Chelsea                             

Connolly, Sean                             

Cortesio, Anna                         

Degennaro, Evan                        

DeYoung, Daniel                        

Ellman, Nikki                              

Hunt, Nancy                                

Ikeda, Lisa                                  

Khanna, Candace                        

Lachenmeier. Erika                     

Loewen, Amy                                

Loughman, Rosemary                 

Maher, Elizabeth                         

McGurk, Annlee, Department Chair                        

Mitchell, David                            

Neely, Jill                                    

Nicol, Lynda                                  

Panitch, Karyn                             

Pappert, Kathleen                       

Pence, June                                 

Ratnam, Josephine                      

Reed, Patricia                             

Robinson, Richard                     

Roost, Beatrice                              

Tiemroth-Zavala, Suzan             

Weissman, Patti                            

Witt, Kathleen                             

Wong, Judy                                   

Yasue, Barbara                              

Zetlan, Steven


Office Staff & Student Workers     

Huizhen Su

Waikit Lam

Manni Huang

Barsbold Gaanbatar

Zolzaya Erdeneochir 

Aiming Xu 

Jielin Huang      

 Xuejiao Behrens