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Assessment Test Online Appointment Scheduling

Assessment Test Online Appointment Scheduling

NOTE: Make sure you’ve checked the assessment test schedules before you make your appointment online. See “Assessment Test Schedules” below.

In order to schedule your assessment test online, please read the following:

-If you have applied for admission to Laney College and have your Student ID number click here.

If you’ve applied to Laney, but don’t have your Student ID (SID) number, log into your Passport Account and the SID number will be located on the top right corner. NOTE: It takes two hours to receive your SID number after you’ve submitted your application.

-If you have not applied for admission yet, you must do so before taking the assessment test.

You can apply online by clicking here.

Or, apply in person at the Laney College Welcome Center, Building A, Room 101.

NOTE: If you have not attended a Peralta College within the last two semesters, you must submit a new application. Click here to apply now.


Assessment Test Schedules

Check the assessment test schedules for math, English, or ESL before you make your online appointment.

Click here to view the English/math testing schedule

Click here to view the ESL testing schedule and ESL Orientation schedule

Click here to to take the New Student assessment (??)