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Chemistry 1A Assessment

Chemistry 1A Assessment

Below are the dates when you can schedule your Chemistry 1A assessment.

Chemistry 1A Assessment



April 24Wednesday2 p.m.
May 2Wednesday11 a.m.
May 9 Wednesday1 p.m.
May 15Tuesday11 a.m.
May 23Wednesday11 a.m.
May 31Thursday3 p.m.
June 8Friday10 a.m.
June 15Friday2 p.m.
June 22Friday1 p.m.
June 28Thursday3 p.m.


Making Your Appointment

Once you know the day and time of the assessment test you want to take, go ahead and make an appointment by phone, online, email, or in person.

By phone: (510) 464-3259

By email: laneyassessment@peralta.edu