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Biomanufacturing Courses

Biomanufacturing Courses



Course Number: BIOL 3

Units: 5

Class: 4 hours lecture and 3 hours lab

Chemistry 30 or 1A is the prerequisite.  Biology 10 is recommended preparation.

Description: Survey of the various microscopic agents of particular importance to humans: Emphasis on those involved in infectious disease, host defenses against disease, and elements of infection chains and means utilized for breaking the chains.

Biotech Instrumentation: Good Laboratory Practices and Safe Chemical Handling

Course Number: BIOL 72A

Unit: 1

Class: .5 hour lecture, 1.5 hours laboratory (GR)

Acceptable for credit: CSU

Description: Good aboratory Practices se of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) for working in the laboratory and in writing and maintaining batch production records.


Biotech Instrumentation: Clean Room

Course Number: BIOL 72B
Unit: 1

Class: .5 hour lecture, 1.5 hours laboratory (GR)

Acceptable for credit: CSU

Clean Room gowning: Introduction to clean room gowning, proper sanitation techniques necessary for or ing the production oor of biomanufacturing companies.


Biotech Instrumentation: PRC

Course Number: BIOL 72C
Unit: 1

Class: .5 hour lecture, 1.5 hours laboratory (GR)

Acceptable for credit: CSU

Description: Polymerase Chain reaction techniques olecular mechanisms and underlying biological concepts; applications of PCR in biotechnology and biomanufacturing, types of PCR methods, PCR experimental design issues and troubleshooting.


Biotech Instrumentation: Quality Control

Course Number: BIOL 72D
Unit: 1

Class: .5 hour lecture, 1.5 hours laboratory (GR)

Acceptable for credit: CSU

Description: Quality Control Assays: Common assays used in quality control including electrophoresis, High Performance iquid Chromatography ( P C) and En yme in ed Immunabsorbant Assay (E ISA) to test products 0430 00


Scientific Communication

Course Number: BIOL 74

Units: 3

Class: 3 hour lecture

Description: Scientific communication in biomanufacturing and biotechnology: Analysis and preparation of protocols and standard operating procedures (SOPs), report and present data and experimental conclusions, analysis of articles about scientific research and developments in biotechnology.


Fundamentals of Biotechnology

Course Number: BIOL 75

Units: 2

Class: 1 hour lecture and 3 hours of lab weekly

Description: Fundamentals in biotechnology laboratory techniques: Emphasis on developing skillful use of applicable instruments; protein purification and assays; recombinant DNA work; isolation and tracking techniques; the laboratory notebook, spreadsheet data analysis; written protocols and familiarity with standard operating procedures.


Principles of Biomanufacturing

Course Number: BIOL 76

Units: 3

Class: 3 hours lecture

Description: Development, production, recovery and analysis of biotechnology products: Tracing the path of a drug or biologic from the cell through the production facility, the final processing, and into the human body; growth characteristics of the organisms used to produce pharmaceutical proteins, and the techniques used.


Business and Regulatory Practices

Course Number: BIOL 77

Units: 3

Class: 3 hours lecture

Description: Sound manufacturing procedures and basic business principles: Key concepts for product quality and safety as it moves through a biomanufacturing production pipeline, roles of governmental oversight and regulation during the discovery, development and manufacturing of new products for the biopharmaceutical industry.


Bioreactor Cell Culture and Protein Recovery

Course Number: BIOL 79

Units: 4

Class: 2 hours lecture and 6 hours lab

Description: Biomanufacturing production technician skills: Emphasis on growth and monitoring of fermenters and bioreactors, including cleaning, media preparation, aseptic inoculation, cell harvesting, lysis, protein recovery and purification of proteins using centrifugation, ultrafiltration and chromatography techniques.


Selected Topics in Biological Sciences
Course Number: BIOL 248GA-MZ
Units: .5-5

Class: 0-5 hours lecture, 0-15 hours laboratory (GR)

Description: See section on Selected Topics.


Occupational Work Experience in Biotechnology

Course Number: COPED 484A
Units: 1-4

Class: hours to be arranged (GR)