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Syllabi and Schedule

Syllabi and Schedule

Spring 2018

Digital Fabrication228Friday9am - 4:20pm3.5Farnsworth
High Performance Building206Monday8am - 3:20pm3.5Seelbach
Rough Framing229Tuesday8am - 3:20pm3.5Seelbach
Advanced Elements of Construction221Tuesday8am - 3:20pm3.5Correia
Stair Building and Framing Square Technology230Wednesday8am - 11:50am2Seelbach
Elements of Construction - Beginning Carpentry211Wednesday8am - 3:20pm3.5Correia
Tiny House Building (Advanced Elements of Construction)221Thursday 8am - 3:20pm3.5Wolpe
Construction Rehab240BThursday8am - 11:50am2Correia
Residential Plumbing for Carpenters232Tues/Thurs6pm - 8:15pm (first 8 weeks: 1/22-3/16)1.5Tinkey
Residential Electrical for Carpenters233Tues/Thurs6pm - 8:15pm (second 8 weeks: 3/19-5/17) 1.5Bell
Cal-OSHA Safety 223Friday8am - 12pm (2/23/18 - 4/20/18)2Shurtz




Carp 203 Safety

Carp 204 The Sustainable Built Environment

Carp 206 High Performance Building

Carp 207 Math for the Building Trades

Carp 210 Foundations and Forms

Carp 211 Elements of Construction

Carp 229 Rough Framing

Carp 221 Advanced Elements

Carp 230 StairbuildingĀ 

Carp 231 Roof Framing

Carp 232 Plumbing for Carpenters Syllabus fall 2017

Carp 240A & B Construction Rehab

Carp 248GF Home Repair