Laney College

Classified Senate

Classified Senate

On September 6th, the 2017-2019 Classified Senate was seated. 

The new Senate immediately identified its primary goals as the following:

  1. To encourage more Classified Expert participation in the Classified Senate and Participatory Governance.

  2. To continue to build relationships with administrators, faculty, and unions.

  3. Seek inclusion of students and the ASLC.

  4. Upgrade and maintain web page.

The membership of the 2017-2019 Classified Senate

Executive Committee Officers

President, Robert Tracy

Vice President, Glenn Pace

Secretary, Hope Lane

Treasurer, Pamela Crumpton

Parliamentarian, Michael Wright



Alejandro Acosta

Charles Bradford

Jean Carey

Larry Chang

Alexandra Cipher

Terrence Fisher

Chandra Johnson-Malone

Arlene Lontoc

Amy Marshall

Blanca Montes de Oca

Laura Ramos

Seth Silberman

Tina Tobor

Cassandra Upshaw

Lynn Williams