Laney College

Meeting with a Counselor

Meeting with a Counselor

Drop-In Counseling 

Drop-In counseling is available throughout the day during non-peak times, in the Counseling Department on a first come, first serve basis.  This type of meeting provides the opportunity for students to meet briefly with a counselor without the need to schedule an appointment.


Can my issue be handled in Drop-in?

Drop-in counseling is limited to 10 minutes and is most suitable for questions that have a quick answer.  Some examples include:

  • Pre-requisite clearance
  • Requesting excess units
  • Removing a probation hold.

Certain waivers and petitions can also be completed on a drop-in basis, provided you have all the necessary documentation.  (ie. unofficial transcripts, test scores from other colleges / institutions, etc. )


More in depth issues, including: Readmission Petition, career exploration and /or creating a Student Educational Plan (SEP) require a scheduled 30 minute appointment.  30 minute appointments can be scheduled at the counseling office front desk T-301 or by calling (510) 464-3152 or 3154.