Laney College

Counseling Services

Counseling Services


Laney College offers a wide range of professional counseling services for enrolled students and prospective students. These services include:

Academic Counseling

  • Providing students with a comprehensive assessment, including academic strengths and needs, to assist them with class selection.
  • Helping students clarify their academic goals, select a major, and develop realistic academic workloads.
  • Providing information on occupational and transfer programs, including general education and major course requirements.
  • Helping students develop educational plans that satisfy graduation and transfer requirements.
  • Assisting students in solving their academic problems such as academic/progress probation, dismissal and providing students with appropriate academic support systems.
  • Providing students with tutorial and academic resources available on the Laney College campus.
  • Offering orientation classes and workshops for new/ returning students and ESL students.
  • Evaluating students college transcripts for graduation and transfer.
  • Consulting with students regarding their rights and responsibilities.


Career Counseling

  • Assisting students with developing effective models for making career decisions and setting goals. 
  • Exploration of student interests, values and goals. 
  • Provide information on current and future employment trend. 
  • Teaching courses that emphasize career exploration about career options.


Educational Goal Setting 

  • Advising students to obtain an associates degree in a specific major. 
  • Advising students to obtain an associates degree while transferring to a four-year college. 
  • Advising students who plan to earn a vocational certificate in one of Laney Colleges various programs. 
  • Preparing students for majors/minors (assist.org) that are offered at the four-year colleges and universities. 
  • Teaching courses that emphasize strategies and study skills that lead to successful achievement of goals.


Personal Counseling and Referrals

  • Assist students with problems that affect school performance.
  • Refer to community psychological services for any ongoing or long-term personal counseling needs.


Athletic Counseling 

  • Laney College provides athletic advising/counseling for approximately 150 men and women student-athletes who compete in seven intercollegiate sports.
  • Advise student-athletes on course selection and requirements that meet NCAA and COA rules and regulations.



  • Counseling staff participates in annual College Day program, which involves students from the various local high schools visiting the Laney College Campus for the first time. 
  • Counseling staff members visit the local high schools for recruitment and informational sessions about Laney College.