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Preparing for Your Counseling Appointment

Preparing for Your Counseling Appointment

The most successful students are those who take responsibility for their own educational progress. This often begins by making an appointment with a counselor. Counselors can help you clarify your educational and career goals and assist you with the development of a Student Educational Plan. You will get the most out of your visit with a counselor if you have thought about a few questions, bring necessary documents and learn some basics about college requirements. Prepare for your counseling appointment by completing the list below:

1. Complete an Orientation, and take the Math /English Assessments, bring your scores  when you meet with a counselor if you are a new student.

2. Bring all college transcripts (outside the Peralta District) to your counseling appointment. Unofficial copies are acceptable for advising purposes.

3. Obtain and read the current class schedule along with the Laney College Catalog; reviewing this information may answer many of your questions.

4. Consider the information you may need, formulate a few questions, write them down and bring them to your appointment.