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Creating a New or Making Changes to Your Program

Creating a New or Making Changes to Your Program

If you are adding new courses or changing the layout of your courses, you also need to update your program.

If you are working on a Transfer Degree, please also see our handout on the SB1440 page.

Step One is the same as for Courses:

Build – Programs – Click on “Create a New Program” if you are creating a new program or “Modify Program” if you are updating the program.

If you are Creating a New Program – you will need to choose options from the pull-down menus concerning the type of degree or certificate you want to offer.

If you are Modifying an existing Program, you will search your department for the program. Then, similar to the courses, you will click on the Copy Icon (two pieces of paper) to start the editing process. Then choose “Laney Program Modification” from the pull-down menu and you can get started!

For both processes, the checklist on the right helps ensure you have all the necessary documentation. Work your way down the checklist, filling in the text boxes and clicking FINISH when you are done. You can unlock and edit pages if you need to change anything. You can also look at other degrees if you need suggestions for language.  If you are working on a Transfer Degree, there is specific language required for the catalog. We suggest looking at a finished degree for information. See the SB1440 page for the list of finished degrees.

Working in the Course Blocks Definition area can be a little tricky.  The course blocks are things like “Core Curriculum” or “Select one of the following courses”. If you are creating a new program, that language should be typed in the Header text box. Once you click Add, this block is now available to edit the courses involved. The block will now be listed with a button that says COURSES. If you are modifying your program, you can change the title of the block with the pencil icon on the left or change the courses in the block with the COURSES button.

To choose Courses in the Block: Click this to choose the courses in the block by using the pull-down menu. Click Add once you have chosen the courses. Click Done when the block is completed. If you want to change the order, click and hold on the title of the course in the list, then just move it up or down. Play around with it and you’ll see

Once you have your Blocks, you can include other files in the Attach Files area. All new degrees and degree updates need a narrative and signature page. If you go to our Getting Started page, you’ll find the necessary documents:


We also suggest that you review other finished degrees to see how they completed their narrative. Most recently, our Dance department updated their program so you can check theirs out. If you are working on a Transfer Degree, again there is specific language needed, so check out one of those.

Once all of your checklist is completed (they will turn green and have a check), you will see an AUDIT button on the left. Click that to start the Approval Process. You can still edit the degree until it moves to the committee (last local step), it will turn from purple to green in you Build area. For more about the colors, check out our Approval Process page.