Laney College

Distance Education (DE)

If a course is to be offered partly or entirely online, you must check “Distance Learning” on the “Methods of Instruction” page of the META course outline.

Then complete the Distance Education and Faculty/Student Contact portions.

The state and the Peralta District provide guidelines for online learning.


Click on the link below if you are adding  DE to a current course being taught or creating a new course with DE

DE Supplement

Beginning 11/2016 all courses being updated to include DE or being created with DE must fill out the above supplement and send it to the Curriculum Committee Co-Chairs (emails on form) in addition to filling in the DE tabs in CurricUNET META.

Important points to bear in mind as you make plans to offer a course online:

  • The primary purpose of online offerings is to meet the needs of students.
  • Faculty who teach online must have completed coursework in online education. Consult Laney DE Coordinator Inger Stark (istark@peralta.edu) for specifics. Courses are offered by the Merritt College Department of Educational Technology.
  • Online offerings must be fully accessible to students with disabilities. Methodology for this is included in the relevant coursework.
  • Online class size should be comparable class size of the same course taught face-to-face.
  • Course objectives and SLOs should not differ from those of the same class taught face-to-face.
  • Individual faculty-student contact is required,  in the form of regular email communication, chats, forums, virtual office hours, etc.  initiated by the instructor.
  • District online courses must be offered on the Moodle platform.
  • The Distance Education, DE Supplement, and Instructor-Student Contact portions of the META course outline must be completed and approved by the Laney Curriculum Committee and CIPD as part of the regular course update process.