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Our Team

Our Team

We know that a supportive, positive environment is key to success. We help people to identify challenges in their job search and find ways to overcome them.  For this reason, we hire staff who are compassionate, thoughtful and dedicated to the success of our job seekers.



  Raya Zion





Lynna Wong





  Emmanuel Imah



Susie O’Bryant, GCDF

Susie is a Professional Connector, Trainer, and Coach who has over 20 years experience in Workforce and Economic Development.  Currently, Susie facilitates Job Search Meet-ups and workshops at the Peralta Community Colleges, One Stop Career Center in Alameda, as well as the Albany and Berkeley Libraries. She also has the pleasure of connecting her clients to the “right” people and resources in her vast network to help them move forward in their business, career or personal life.



 Elizabeth Maggio, Financial Coach

Elizabeth brings over 20 years of experience to her work as a financial coach, including 12 years in the in the finance and consulting industries. Financial Coaching is a highly collaborative process between Coach and client which starts with understanding each person’s unique financial situation. Elizabeth works one on one with clients to make measurable changes in areas such as repairing credit, repaying debt, establishing banking relationships, as well as changing spending or savings patterns. No matter your income, debt or credit level, with commitment everyone can improve their financial health!