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The Laney College English Department’s mission is to develop, expand, and refine students’ abilities to think critically about themselves and the world, and to understand and manipulate the English language.

The English Department is the educational foundation for every student at Laney: the English Department teaches Laney College students to read, write, and think critically. Through literature, students gain an understanding of humanity; through expository texts situated in historical and cultural contexts, students gain an understanding of being part of a larger universe.

Among the department’s objectives are to develop students’ ability to use language to their benefit, to improve students’ skills in reading critically, writing thoughtfully and cogently, and applying these skills to research.

The department prepares students to transfer to four-year institutions and/or the workplace.

Laney English Students Make the News!

We are proud to feature here on our page these articles published in local newspapers, written by students in Laney English classes.

Here is a small sampling:

Hassan Russel, Student Fears for Life During Routine Traffic Stop (The Post News Group, December 16, 2014)

Joi Smith, Oakland Youth is A Survivor: “A Rose that Grew from Concrete” (The Post News Group, November 20, 2014)

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