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English Department Handbook

English Department Handbook




Congratulations! You’ve been hired by the English Department at Laney College. Laney College is the largest college in the Peralta Community College District (fact) and without a doubt the coolest (opinion). The fact that you have been chosen to work at such a groundbreaking institution speaks to how truly awesome you are. And so you know all of the resources at your disposal to help you in this endeavor, here is a handbook to help guide you on your journey.

Table of Contents

Part One: Getting Started

How to Order Books
How to Get Room Keys and Parking Permits
How to Get Copies Made
The Student Learning Outcomes for Every Course
English Composition Competencies
Turnitin.com/Grading in the information age
Engrade.com/Grading in the information age

Part Two: In the Classroom

How to Get your Class Roster in on Time
Under and Over Enrolled Courses
The Absent Professor
Academic Accommodations (How to Best Serve Our Disabled Students)
Advisory Cards (How Do You Know When a Student is Ready to Skip a Level?)
When You Want to Use a Student’s Work for Instructional Purposes

Part Three: Up, Up and Away

Self Care in the Classroom
When either you or a student needs medical or mental health services
How to request audio/visual equipment
How to reserve a library orientation
When you want to be paid for attending a conference
How to Reserve F170 Computer Lab
When You Want to Take a Class for Free
When you want to be paid for professional development
When you want to use the Laney Van to take students on a trip
When a student needs tutoring at the writing center
When you want to reserve a room on campus to throw an event

Part Four: Assessment

What is the difference between SLO’s and ILO’s?

TaskStream Documents

English Department Mission: The English Department’s mission is to develop, expand, and refine students’ abilities to think critically about themselves and the world, and to understand and manipulate the English language.