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Advisory Cards

Advisory Cards

If you are teaching a basic skills/non transferable course then about a month before the end of each semester you will need to fill out an advisory card. This card is very instrumental in determining where each of your students will be placed the following semester. The typical order of basic skills English classes at Laney College is 1.) 269A 2.) 269B 3.) 201A 4.) 201B after these courses are taken in this order then a student is able to take transferable courses such as English 1A, English 1B, and English 5 Critical Thinking.

The power of the advisory card lay in your ability as an instructor to recommend that outstanding students skip a level in the two-year remedial course process. For example; you can skip a student from 269A to 201A so they do not have to take a semester of 269B if you feel that they are ready to make such a leap. Similarly you can skip a student from 201A to English 1A. This saves students time and money.

The way to assess whether a students is ready for to skip a level is to consult both the English Composition Competencies Sheet and the SLO’s for each course to determine where your student will be placed. The process to skip a student goes as follows. 1.) Circle to course that you think they should be in on the advisory card giving a brief explanation of why you think they are ready to skip. 2.) You must manually submit your consensus rosters with the names of the few students who you want to skip circled 3.) Write a note saying that you would like to skip a student from 269A to 269B for example. 4.) When you submit the final grade the student will be enrolled in English 269B thus when he passes this class she/he will automatically eligible for English 201.

*Note—It’s the same process to skip a student from English 201 to English 1A.