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Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and Away

Part Three: Up, Up and Away
So now that you have gotten started and you’re comfortable in the classroom it’s time to really take off and make things fun for your students. This chapter will provide you with the necessary paperwork necessary to take your students on field trips and how to reserve spaces just in case you want to throw your own educational event on campus. This section will also assist you on where to direct your students when they need academic assistance.

Self Care in the Classroom
When either you or a student needs medical or mental health services
How to request audio/visual equipment
How to reserve a library orientation
When you want to be paid for attending a conference
How to Reserve F170 Computer Lab
When You Want to Take a Class for Free
When you want to be paid for professional development
When you want to use the Laney Van to take students on a trip
When a student needs tutoring at the writing center
When you want to reserve a room on campus to throw an event

When it is Time for You to be Evaluated
When a Student Wants to Challenge a Prerequisite/Non Transferable Class
When You Need to Give Your Student an “I” Grade or Incomplete

How to handle a student who is being disruptive in class