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Giving an Incomplete

Giving an Incomplete

When you need to give an “I” grade
If a student is unable to complete all of the required work for your class due to an unforeseen circumstance such as a medical emergency, death in the family, eviction, etc. then that student has the right to ask for an incomplete or an “I” grade at the end of the semester. An “I” grade is essentially a placeholder that can be used instead of giving the student an F. After an incomplete is given the student has 365 days to complete all missing assignments. If the work is not done by that time then the incomplete automatically turns into an F.

This is how the process works:

•    The student attains a Report of an “I” Grade Assignment form from the Administration building.
•    You the instructor fill out the form detailing exactly what the student needs to complete in order to get an actual grade (An A, B, C etc) then both you and the student sign this form.
•    Since this form is carbon copied Admissions and Records gets the white sheet, the student gets the pink one, and you get the yellow sheet.

After the student has completed the work and the student’s grade is tabulated you must:

•    Fill out a Request for Record Correction Form.
•    Attach proof that the student has completed all work for the course and staple it to the signed Request for Record for Correction Form.
•    Take these documents to the dean.
•    If the student has any further questions about the processing of the grade change then he or she must wait 10-15 business days and then contact the dean.