Laney College



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To begin, go to the Welcome center at Laney (on Fallon by the flag pole) and enroll.

You can do this online at:  https://secure.cccapply.org/applications/CCCApply/apply/Peralta_CCD.html

If you have not taken a class at Laney, Alameda, Merritt or BCC in 2 years, you need to “apply” again.

If you are a returning student, you can enroll in classes now or soon.  Go to Passport click on “Student Center” and see “Enrollment Dates” on the right side.

To see a list of classes, go to Peralta.edu and click “Schedule of Classes” on the left


The ESL Department offers an orientation for new students before the placement test.   After the orientation, new students will take the placement test.  Placement tests are administered in the Welcome Center in A101.  An  ESL instructor will be at the orientation to meet new students and help with the new placement test. This test has grammar, reading, writing and listening parts.  We will give you the test on computers.  But, don’t worry.  When you come to the orientation, we will teach you how to use the computers if you need help.  Then when you come back to take the placement test, you will know how to do it.