Laney College

Student Work

Student Work

Description of a Concert

by Siu Kai, Grammar 1 student
(Daniel Crose, ESL Instructor)

“When the young girl played the zither, the music let me go into a wild, open-air world. I could hear a thousand horses racing, a strong wind blowing. I was lost in pleasure! After the performance, I felt stronger and happier than before. That music is still in my mind now. I want to thank Laney College for a very special night, a very happy night!”

Taste of Love

by Alan Yang, Writing 2, Fall 2008
(Annie Agard, ESL Instructor)

 Love is sugar

 Love is vinegar,
Sour, a taste you will always remember.

Love is wine
Spicy and makes you feel sexy.

Love is coffee
Bitter, but it抯 sometimes what you desire.

Love is water
What you taste is what you feel at the moment.

Haiku from students of Writing 6 (Advanced) 2012
(Deborah Brooks, ESL Instructor)

Hey, what’s up English?
Grammar Spelling and Essay
Why can’t we be friends?

A language study
Very difficult and hard
At the beginning

Writing 6 is cool
Can’t pass without citation
Please quote every source

Harder than I thought
Interesting and useful
I do want to learn

Citation is new
Missing it can mean you fail
Copy not allowed

My teacher is cool.
She is serious in grading
But she explains well

Interesting but hard
Learning a lot no regret
The best class I like

Writing 6 is tough
My teacher makes me work hard
Till she says “Good Job!”

Writing take me far
Away like tourist lost in
Desert struggling out