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Exciting Classes at Laney!

Exciting Classes at Laney!

Looking for *OPEN* classes to add to your 2017 Fall Semester schedule?
Yes?! Then take a look at the classes at, laney.edu/available-fall-2017-classes/
Click here for the *FULL* schedule of 2017 Fall Semester classes at Laney!

Below are some of the exciting classes being offered in the fall!
FALL 2017

Anthropology: Magic, Religion, and Witchcraft

Anthropology Class Laney College Oakland



Music Class Laney College Oakland


Engineering Classes at Laney College Oakland




Bio Flyer Laney College Fall 2017


ESOL ClassesESOL Classes Laney College Fall 2017

Photography Pro Classes
Laney photography department fall semester classes 2017


Umoja-UBAKA Classes

Umoja UBAKA classes at Laney College

Hand Drawn Animation

Drawing Animation Class - Laney College - Fall 2017.pdf


Mexican and Latin American Studies Courses in the Fall 2017

Laney College MLAT class Fall 2017

Sign Up for Dance

 Laney College Dance Classes Fall 2017

Want to add a class to this list? Send your flyer to LaneyPIO@peralta.edu