Laney College



What are Community Services (fee-based)  classes?

Community Services (fee-based) classes are supported by your class fees, not state funds. We determine fees based on length of class, instructor’s salary, administrative and operating costs, course materials, and minimum enrollment. Fees don’t include textbooks or supplies. The class descriptions indicate those classes that have an extra charge for materials.

How can a Person Enroll in Community Services Classes?
To enroll, please complete the registration form and submit in any of the 3 ways listed below:

  • Via e-mail to Christy Blue at cblue@Peralta.edu
  • Mail to Christy Blue, Laney College, 900 Fallon Street, Oakland, CA 94607
  • Drop off at Laney College, Tower Building, Room T-703
  • Give registration form to the instructor

When Are Classes Offered?
Community Services classes are flexible. Some classes meet just one day a week; some meet more often for a period of for several weeks both during morning and evening hours. Class start and end dates vary throughout the semester. Be certain to check class dates listed in the schedule carefully, so you don’t miss the class that you want to take. You can download and print the current Community Services Spring 2011 Class Schedule.

 Where Do Classes Meet?
Classes meet at the Laney College campus. For the location of your class, please view the campus map.

 Who Teaches the Classes?
Classes are taught by Laney instructors, who are experts in their fields and bring their extensive experience into their classroom teaching.

 Who Can Enroll?
Community Education classes are open to all adults in the community.