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Our first SSSP Counselor Retreat


On October 26th, 2016 Laney Counselors came together for a retreat at the Executive Inn to discuss important topics related to SSSP.  Counselors engaged in conversations on how to implement core services most effectively and planned how to implement initiatives to foster student success. VPSS Phillip King and Dean of Student Services, Kevin Wade were in attendance and spoke as well.





Student Success and Support Program (Formally known as Matriculation) is a state mandated program and process which brings the College’s staff and resources into a partnership with students to ensure their educational success. This process is designed to help students from the moment they first apply until they complete their studies at a Peralta College. The agreement acknowledges responsibilities of both parties.

The California Community Colleges Board of Governors approved changes that will establish system-wide enrollment priorities designed to ensure classes are available for students seeking job training, degree attainment or transfer and to reward students who make progress toward their educational goals.

Beginning fall 2014, new students who have completed college orientationassessment and developed education plans as well as continuing students in good academic standing who have not exceeded 100 units will have priority over students who do not meet these criteria. Among these students, active-duty military and veterans and current and former foster youth will continue to have first call on courses, followed by students in Extended Opportunity Programs and Services and Disabled Students Programs and Services.

The Student Agrees to:

·     Declare an educational goal.

·     Meet with a counselor to discuss educational goals and develop an educational plan.

·     Attend class regularly.

·     Complete assignments and courses.

·     Strive to make progress toward a defined goal.

·     Seek out support services, as needed.

The College Agrees to:

·     Provide students with a comprehensive assessment.

·     Inform students about the College’s programs, services, and policies through orientation.

·     Provide quality instruction and counseling.

·     Assist students in developing an educational plan.

·     Provide a variety of courses and programs.

·     Offer support services and follow-up on student progress.

SSSP Components

There are 3 components of SSSP that help ensure educational success, they are:

1.      Orientation – Complete Online Orientation and bring proof of completion to the Assessment Center. Proof, which can be in the form of a print out or screenshot on a phone will be students’ “ticket” into assessment.  Students are also encouraged to attend  COUN 201: Orientation to College Class or COUN 224: College Preparedness.  Students are provided important information on how to succeed in college by acquainting them with the College’s facilities, rules, policies and procedures; its educational programs, course expectations, and other academic information.

2.      Assessment – participating in an Assessment session, which measures current skill levels in reading, writing, and mathematics. Scores are one of several factors used for advising students in selecting appropriate courses.

English As a Second Language (ESL) assessments are available to students for whom English is not their native language. 

4.      Counseling and Advisement – meeting with a counselor to identify educational and career goals, develop educational plan and select appropriate courses.

A Note for Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with a physical, psychological, acquired brain impairment, visual, communication, or learning disability who may require special assistance to participate in our registration, assessment, or other parts of our Orientation/Assessment/Advising process, please contact Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S) at (510) 464-3428.

Selection of any of the following educational objectives will provide students the opportunity to participate in the Student Success and Support Program:

·     Transfer and obtain a bachelor’s degree (with or without an associate degree)

·     Obtain a two year associate’s/vocational degree (without transfer)

·     Earn a vocational certificate (without transfer)

·     Improve basic skills in English, Reading, and Mathematics

(Any student who does not have an associate degree or higher and enrolls in 12 or more semester units will also be considered a participant, regardless of the educational objective selected.)

Although all students are strongly encouraged and welcomed to participate in the SSSP program, certain students may meet criteria for exemption from SSSP services or the assessment component. (See the following Peralta Community College District Exemption Policy.)

Exemption from SSSP

Students may be exempt from the SSSP process at the Peralta Colleges under the following conditions:

1.      Student has earned an Associate or higher degree from an accredited institution;


2.      Student is enrolling in fewer than 12 units and has declared one of the following educational objectives:

·   Discover/formulate career interests, plans, goals;

·   Prepare for a new career (acquire job skills),

·   Advance in current job/career (update job skills);

·   Maintain certificate or license (e.g. nursing, real estate);

·   Acquire educational enrichment (intellectual, cultural);

Note – All students may participate in any of the SSSP components, even though they qualify for exemption. The District Prerequisite Policy is enforced for all students, regardless of SSSP status.

Exemption from Assessment Component Only

Students meeting at least one of the following conditions may be exempt from the assessment component:

1.      Student has successfully completed (grade C or higher) college-level English and mathematics courses (transcript or grade report required); or

2.      Student has, within the last three (3) years, taken an assessment test that can be used by Peralta staff to determine suitable placement in English and mathematics.  Students who have received services for a learning disability in the last three years at any California community college, may be exempt from the assessment component. They should call the DSP&S office as soon as possible and make an appointment to see a counselor, (464-3428).

Students’ Rights and Responsibilities

Students wishing to claim exemption from any SSSP component or choosing not to participate must file the appropriate waiver form, available in the counseling dept.

For more information on the Laney College Student Success and Support Program and Services, please contact the Coordinator of Student Support Services/SSSP at:

(510) 986-6992

For More Information

Please contact the Counseling Department at (510) 464-3152 or Coordinator of Student Support Services/SSSP at (510) 986-6992.