Welcome to the finest Photography Program in the East Bay.

Rich and dynamic classes are lead by highly talented and long-practiced commercial professionals in the field. The Studio is well equipped and spacious. We bring this all together to produce an exciting and unique experience simply not available anywhere else.

We are all about the idea, the light, the capture and the image. We use the latest in digital methods for capture, processing and image production. At the same time we have the only affordable academically supported Black & White Darkroom for a radius of 17 miles.

The Photography Department provides students with the basic knowledge, aesthetic and technical skills necessary for the variety of occupations in photography. Preparation for employment in commercial, industrial and technical fields is emphasized.

Our AA Photography Degree is in development at the State level. Also in process are new classes and certificates focusing on Photojournalism and the Black & White Arts.

Questions? Contact:

Michael Mejia, Department C0-Chair    510 541 7880    mmejia@peralta.ed

Photography is all about communication through the visual language; something older than speech. Come to Laney to build that skill.