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Collaboration & Connection

Collaboration & Connection

Here are some opportunities for faculty and staff to build connections and collaborations into your curricula and/or service area:

[More links and contact info will be added soon! –Please email cweidenbach@peralta.edu if you are doing something connectable and would like to invite faculty and staff to collaborate with you!]

Fall 2017


Spring 2016

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Theatre Arts department’s March 3rd – 19th (Th-Fri-Sat) production of Milta Ortiz’ play, Mas:


* Theatre Arts chair and director Michael Torres is inviting interested faculty to engage with this production in our classes and service areas.

  • Maybe you can write or speak an introduction to a performance, speaking from your discipline perspective and offering your expertise;
  • Or maybe you can speak and facilitate a discussion or ‘talk-back’ after a performance;
  • Or maybe you can bring your students to a performance, and/or build the play into your curriculum.


–MLAT and Geography are already in the active mix: Professors Alicia Caballero-Christenson and Mark Rauzon will be acting in the gig!!!



Other collaboration-friendly projects:

mostly comprised of students, want to build a college culture of compassionate, energetic people who are resilient to the stress in all of our lives. — We could do greater things if we’re taking care of ourselves and each other! (More details forthcoming)


every week or two on the quad, starting this Spring! Business classes, art classes, sociologists, biologists, geographers, readers, writers, thinkers, political scientists, historians, philosophers: Let the market become one of your class’ key texts! (More details forthcoming)





these folks aren’t promoting World Wildlife Fund tote bags; they are reading and thinking and acting in the name of sustaining the planet’s people as the key factor in sustaining the planet. (And okay, actually they care a lot about polar bears and other wildlife, too. It’s all connected!) (More details forthcoming)


afoot among instructors who want us all to teach each other what we know, and learn from each other how best to reach students and help them succeed. (More details forthcoming)


which fell victim to budget cuts five years ago, is coming back online by going online — with new audio components that weren’t possible in print!

Laney Good News Call for Submissions–Spring 2016

(More details forthcoming)