PD Committee Members

PD Committee Members

Fall 2017

Chris Weidenbach (cweidenbach@peralta.edu), Chair*

Blanca Montes de Oca (appointed Fall ’17 jointly by Classified Senate Pres. Robert Tracey and SEIU reps)

Jackie Graves, Associate Dean of Student Success (appointed Fall ’17 by Laney College Pres. Tammeil Gilkerson)

Roxanna Post, Audio/Video Supervisor (appointed Fall ’17 by Classified union rep. Agustin Rodriguez)

Julianne Kirgis, Dean of Math & Social Sciences (appointed Fall ’17 by Laney College Pres. Tammeil Gilkerson)

Bruce Lazarus, Cosmetology department Faculty (appointed Fall ’16 by Faculty union rep. Helen Curry)

David Simon, Economics department Faculty (appointed Fall ’16 by Faculty Senate Pres. Lisa Cook)

Christy Blue, Staff Assistant, Office of Instruction (appointed Fall ’15 by Classified Senate Pres. Jim Cave)

Scott Strong, Food Services Manager (appointed Fall ’15 by Laney College Pres. Elnora Webb)

(faculty vacancy — to be appointed Fall ’17 jointly by Faculty Senate Pres. Donald Moore & PFT reps)

(* Chris W is a non-voting member of the committee)