Laney College





a basic skills learning community at Laney College in Oakland, California

To brush up on your basic skills, come to Project Bridge. Project Bridge offers students an opportunity to make the “bridge” to further vocational and academic education, and/or to work.

Project Bridge is a basic skills learning community where teachers collaborate across subject areas. In-class tutors, small group instruction, a challenging multi-disciplinary curriculum, and attention to study skills all support students’ growth.

Day Bridge students take basic skills courses in reading, writing, math, computer use, sociology or ethnic studies, and career preparation.

Night Bridge includes classes in writing and math.

Fall 2009 classes start on Thursday, August 20. 

On-line application and enrollment are now going on

for Fall 2009 at www.peralta.edu.

Assistance for on-line application and enrollment

is available in the Welcome Center, Room A-101.

PROJECT BRIDGE  Class Schedule

for Fall 2009

Day Bridge meets Monday – Thursday

12 noon to 4 p.m. in E-204.

Day Bridge is a 12-unit program.

Enroll in all 5 of these courses:

Reading (English 291) — code 40611 (3 units)

Writing (English 290) — code 40610 (3 units)

Math 290 — code 40897 (3 units)

Sociology 290 — code 41031 (1.5 units)

Computers 255 (section 2) — code 41165

(1.5 units)

Night Bridge — Enroll in one or both of these courses:

Writing (English 290, section 2, code 41183)

Monday, 6-9 p.m., Room E-256 (3 units)Math 292E (code 41435)

Thursday, 6-9 p.m. , Room E-204 (3 units)

For more information about Project Bridge

Call Project Bridge at (510) 464-3411

Get a program enrollment form from the window outside the Project Bridge office, Room E-203, or from the Counseling office, Tower 350 (between the elevators)

See the Project Bridge section, page 51 in the Fall 2009 Peralta District Class Schedule.

Financial Aid

Board of Governors tuition fee waivers, grants, loans

(510) 464-3414

2nd floor, Laney Tower

The Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)

must be submitted on line at www.fafsa.ed.gov

Assistance is available in the Welcome Center, Room A-101.

Assessment Center (510) 464-3259.  Sign up for an assessment appointment in the Welcome Center, Room A-101.

Extended Opportunities Programs & Services (EOPS)
book vouchers, counseling, tutoring
(510) 464-3423 — Room A-106 

CalWORKs Program (510) 986-6946

Student Center, Room 327

Disabled Student Program (510) 464-3428

Eagle Village Portable 2

Laney Childcare Center (510) 464-3574