Steps To Get Started

Steps To Get Started

Steps To Get Started

Welcome to Laney College! We are thrilled you have chosen to begin your education with us and understand that as a new student, you may have many questions. Rest assured that the Laney College campus community is committed to helping you each step of the way.

*NEW* Watch this video to guide you through the steps for enrolling at Laney College!

Steps to Get Started At Laney

  1. Apply For Admission Online
  • After 24 hours, check your email for the 8-digit student ID number. If you don’t get an email with your ID number after 24 hours, click here.

For additional help and information, visit the Welcome Center in Building A, Room A101.


  1. Online Orientation
  • Print or save the Certificate of Completion and submit it to Assessment Center prior to taking the assessment test.


  1. Bring Your Transcript

If you are a high school student, college graduate, or have completed college level math and/or English within the last ten years, please bring an unofficial transcript to the Laney College Counseling office, located on the third floor of the Tower Administration Building. Counselors will help place you appropriately.


  1. Complete Assessment Test

If you do not have an unofficial transcript or have not completed math and/or English within the last ten years, you must schedule an Assessment Test for English, math, or ESL placement.

Also, if you’re a high school student please bring a completed and approved concurrent enrollment form to the assessment office to make an appointment. You can download the form by going to Bit.ly/HighSchoolEnrollmentForm.

How to make your assessment appointment:

  • By phone at 510-464-3259
  • Or, in person at the Welcome Center, Building A, Room A101.


  1. See a Counselor

Complete your Educational Plan by seeing a counselor at the Counseling Center. You can schedule an appointment by calling 510-464-3152, or going online at bit.ly/LaneyCounseling. You can also drop-in during office hours,


  1. Enroll in Classes

You can enroll in classes online at, bit.ly/LaneyClasses or in person at the Welcome Center.


  1. Pay Your Fees

Don’t forget to pay your fees online or in person at the Bursar’s Office, Building A, Room 201A.


  1. Student Identification Card

Bring a valid picture ID and your current class schedule as proof of enrollment to

Welcome Center to get your student ID card.


  1. Books

You can purchase your textbooks at the Laney Bookstore located in the lower level of the Student Center.


And that’s it! See you in class!



“Non US citizens may be eligible for some state financial aid through the California Dream Act. Visit www.caldreamact.org. For additional assistance and information, visit the Financial Aid Department in A 201, (510) 464-3414.”