Laney College

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The mission of the Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) is to provide support services and specialized instruction to enrolled students with disabilities to ensure equal educational opportunities as students at Laney College.

2020 Service Area Outcomes:

In support of student learning, the DSPS office will provide 1 on 1 academic accommodation and counseling to students so they may reach their educational goals. 

  • Method: Survey students at the middle and end of each semester 
  • Results: will be analyzed for the purpose of figuring out if other resources need to be used to support the students in reaching their educational goals 
  • Action plan: DSPS dept meetings so that the DSPS team can analyze the needs of the students and construct a plan for supporting the students so they may reach their educational goals. 


2012-2015 SLO

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