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Have you completed FAFSA application yet?

Have you completed FAFSA application yet?

Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid here.

If you are a US Citizen or eligible non-citizen, the most important application you will complete every year is the FAFSA. It will open the door for obtaining Pell Grants, Cal Grants, Federal Work Study, Federal SMART grants, and other federal and state financial aid.

Many scholarships will require that you have completed and submitted the FAFSA, along with including your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) as part of your application.

For students ready for transfer, please note that during your transfer year as you fill out the FAFSA you must indicate ALL 4-year schools on your application, because those schools must also receive your FAFSA information; in other words, that’s how 4-year schools calculate your financial aid package.

Laney College students can visit the Financial Aid Department or the Welcome Center for help completing the FAFSA.

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