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What the APASS Logo Represents

The Genesis of the APASS Logo


The Genesis of the APASS Logo

The Asian ibis bird is a species that tragically faced extinction but is slowly recovering as a result of resourceful conservation efforts.  Today, in China and Japan, there are only about 50-250 birds left in existence. The plight of the ibis is symbolic of what AANAPISI grants allow programs like APASS  to set out to correct. The fund allows the revitalization of API populations that have long been overlooked and deprived of important services as a consequence of misunderstandings and misguided policies that stem from the “model minority” myth. APASS, a program which is funded by an AANAPISI grant, aims to reestablish pathways for students at Laney College to succeed.

The Hawai’iloa canoe symbolizes the importance of traditional cultures and learning practices that involve community contributions.  Early Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders were able to travel from island to island using only the stars overhead as their guide.  These intrepid voyages promoted cultural exchange and connected people. In 1995, several Pacific Islander communities recreated several of these historic voyages.

The three stars in the logo represent education, career, and community.   In other words, the stars represent support and navigation services that help students establish pathways to achieve success by meeting their EDUCATION and CAREER goals with an eye on helping respective COMMUNITIES.   This, in turn, became the inspiration in the creation of the APASS’ slogan, “Navigating success in education, career, and community.”

written by Phoumy Sayavong who was the founding Director of APASS

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