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Laney College History

Laney College History

Laney College, founded in 1927 as Central Trade School, moved to its current site at 900 Fallon Street in 1970-71.

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Peralta Community College District Timeline

Laney College Timeline

1927 Central Trade School founded (future Laney College) by Oakland Board of Education. First location: 12th and Jefferson (Oakland High School)
1929 Merritt School of Business founded (future Merritt
1938 Central Trade School relocates to 237 East 11th Street, 221 East 11th Street and 240 East 10th Street, sharing space with Merritt Business School at the East 10th site.
September 1946 Merritt School of Business relocates to 57th and Grove (University High School)
September 27, 1948 Central Trade School renamed Joseph C. Laney Trade and Technical Institute by Oakland Board of Education in honor of Joseph C. Laney. Laney passed away on August 16, 1948. He had served ten years on the school board and was instrumental in the foundation of Central Trade School.
July 1953 Oakland Board of Education establishes Oakland Junior College, comprised of two campuses: Joseph C. Laney Trade and Technical Institute and Merritt School of Business. Laney campus designated as vocational school and Merritt campus as liberal arts and business school.
1958 Oakland Junior College renamed Oakland City College by Oakland Board of Education
November 1963 Residents of cities of Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville and Piedmont vote to join with Oakland to establish separate junior college district
July 1, 1964 Peralta Junior College District established. District named for Sgt. Luis Maria Peralta, the last Spanish governor of the original land grant comprising the six cities of the Peralta district. The two colleges (now separate, autonomous and renamed Laney College and Merritt College) expand to comprehensive college missions, with both liberal arts and occupational offerings.
October 1965 Voters approve $47 million bond measure to build new Peralta campuses.
1970-1971 Laney College opens a new campus at 10th and Fallon Street.


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Historical Newspaper Articles About Laney College:

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