Laney College

College History Test

College History Test

Test your College Knowledge!

1)   Over the years, Laney College has offered majors/certificates in which of the following areas:

 A)   Fabric Care

B)    Pantomime

C)    Shoe Rebuilding

D)   All of the above


2)    Malcolm X Memorial Day (May 19) was first recognized as an official Peralta Community College District holiday in what year:


A)   1969

B)    1971

C)    1973

D)   1975


3)    The 1966 total cost estimate for the Laney College Fallon Street campus (including building complex, parking, architect/engineer fees, contingency/escalation, and land acquisition) was:


A)   $24,000,000

B)    $110,000,000

C)    $575,000,000

D)   $880,000,000



1)      D. All of the above

2)      B. 1971

3)      A. $24,000,000