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Recommended First Term Classes:

* Course meets a CSU or IGETC general education requirement

Math – if your goal is an associate degree or transfer
Select a MATH class with the assistance of Counselor

English – if your goal is an associate degree or transfer
ENGL 1A*     Reading and Composition OR
ENGL 1AS*   Reading and Composition with Support

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Computer Information Systems
CIS 1: Introduction to Computer Information Systems
This class is a general introduction to the use of digital computers and the use of application software. It is a prerequisite for several advanced courses and meets CIS major requirements as well as being acceptable for credit to CSU and UC. The introductory course covers the hardware that makes up the modern digital computer and teaches students the computer systems we use (laptops, desktops, phones, tablets) contain similar parts / internal architecture. The general applications covered in the course (word processors, presentation software, databases) are the foundational tools of education and business. By completing CIS 1 you will learn practical skills and gather information for making informed decisions about personal and professional technology use.