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The Recruitment, Assessment & School Relations Department Will be CLOSED until June 30, 2020 for your safety.

The Recruitment, Assessment & School Relations Department Will be CLOSED until June 30, 2020 for your safety.

Welcome to the Laney College Recruitment, Assessment & School Relations Department!

Good News!!!

It is easier than ever to place in a math, English and/or ESOL Class!!!

The Laney College Recruitment, Assessment and School Relations Department is happy to announce that students may qualify for a transfer-level math and English course(s) with the implementation of California Assembly Bill 705.

California Community College research demonstrates that high school grade point average is the strongest, most reliable predictor of performance in college-level course work. Students will place using their high school transcripts if applicable. Students also have the right to take a transfer-level math, English and credit ESOL classes with the implementation of California Assembly Bill 1805.

Placement Options:

High School Transcripts

English 1A ¦ H.S. GPA of 2.6 and above OR English 1A with English 508ABC for H.S. GPA below 2.6
Math 13 ¦ H.S. GPA of 2.3 and above OR Math 13 with Math 213 for H.S. GPA below 2.3
Math 15 ¦ For Liberal Arts NO GPA minimum needed
Math 50 ¦ H.S. GPA of 2.6 and above OR Math 50 with Math 216 for H.S. GPA below 2.6 & no precalculus
Math 01 ¦ H.S. GPA of 2.6 and above OR Math 01 with Math 215 for H.S. GPA below 2.6

Self Placement / Attitude Surveys (math, English & ESOL)
Chemistry 30A Challenge

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Assessment.
At Laney College, we want to help you succeed and part of your success as a college student depends on enrolling in courses that match your abilities and skills. The ESOL Assessment Test is an important part in the enrollment process as it will help place you into courses that will help bolster your English skills.

Testing is recommended before enrollment into any ESOL courses.
The ESOL Assessment test has two different parts. The reading comprehension part is taken on the computer, while the writing test is not currently computerized. If you are taking the ESOL Assessment, please allow  2 – 3 hours to complete the process.

Scheduling ESOL Assessment                                                                                

Check the testing schedule before you make an appointment to take your assessment test.

Click here to view the ESL assessment testing schedule and/or make an appointment

Chemistry 1A (CCDT)
Students wishing to enroll directly into Chemistry 1A without having to complete the course prerequisite, Chemistry 30A, may take this test to challenge placement into Chem 30A.

Click here to view the Chemistry 1A assessment testing schedule and/or make an appointment.

Test Day Reminders

  • All students must bring a copy of their transcript from their last High School or College, unofficial transcripts will be accepted.
  • Bring receipt of completed on-line orientation.
  • All ESOL students must arrive 15 minutes before the test.
  • You must bring valid identification with you on the day of your assessment and orientation. Some forms of acceptable identification are CA ID or driver license, passports, green cards, or any government issued identification with your name and picture.
  • Please no visitors or children. They will not be allowed in the Testing Area during the testing session.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the testing area.
  • All electronic devises (i.e. cell phones, tablets, laptops, calculations, etc.) must be turned off during orientation and testing.
  • Assessment results will not keep anyone from enrolling in college or any college program. However, students must meet prerequisites as stated in the college catalog.

NOTE: You cannot “fail” the assessment tests or be denied admission to the college. The tests are a measurement of current skill level only, not of intelligence or aptitude. There is no cost for the assessment or orientation. 


Disabilities Students Program and Services (DSPS)

Who need accommodations should first contact (DSPS) at (510) 464-3428, room #E251 for more information. After receiving the Academic Accommodations Authorization form from DSPS. Please Call (510) 464-3255 or email
Assessment Center in Advance to arrange for accommodations.

For more information please contact us at laneyassessment@peralta.edu or call (510) 464-3259.