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Assessment Center

Assessment Center

Welcome to the Assessment Center!

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NOTE: You must submit an application for admission before making an appointment for assessment testing. Please wait at least 24 hours after submitting your application for admission, before scheduling an appointment for assessment.

The English, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Math Assessment.

Assessments help you to determine the appropriate English, ESL, and math courses for your current learning needs. Testing is required before enrollment into English or math courses, but if you have completed the prerequisite course/courses at another college or university you don’t need to take the assessment. Testing is recommended before enrollment into any ESL course.

While the English, ESL, and math Assessments are taken on a computer, the ESL written test is not computerized at this time. If you are taking both the English and math assessments, please allow up to 2 – 3 hours to complete the process. Students taking the ESL assessment test please allow up to 4 hour for the entire process.


Chemistry 1A

Students needing or wishing to take Chemistry 1A must make an assessment appointment. Click here for the dates to take your Chemistry 1A assessment.


Scheduling Your Assessment Test

Check the testing schedule before you make an appointment to take your assessment test.

Click here to view the English/math testing schedule

Click here to view the ESL testing schedule and ESL Orientation schedule

Click here to take the New Student assessment


Making Your Appointment

Once you know the day and time of the assessment test you want to take, go ahead and make an appointment by phone, online, email, or in person.

By phone: (510) 464-3259

By email: laneyassessment@peralta.edu

Online: Click here

In person: At the Welcome Center, Building A, Room A-109


Test Day Reminders

  • All students must bring an unofficial transcript from their last High School or College.
  • Please bring the receipt of your completed on-line orientation.
  • All students must arrive 15 minutes before the test.
  • You must bring valid identification with you on the day of your assessment and orientation.
  • No visitors or children are allowed in the Testing Area during the testing session.
  • No Food/Drinks are permitted in the Testing Area.
  • All electronic devises (i.e. cell phones, tablets, laptops, calculations, etc.) must be turned off during orientation and testing period.
  • Assessment results so not keep anyone from enrolling in college or any college program however, students must meet prerequisites as stated in the college catalog.
  • Prepare ahead of time for the assessment using the “Study Guide” link on the Assessment page and use resources such as https://www.khanacademy.org/.

NOTE: You cannot “fail” the assessment tests or be denied admission to the college. The tests are a measurement of current skill level only, not of intelligence or aptitude. There is no cost for the assessment or orientation. 


Disabilities Students Program and Services (DSPS)

Who need accommodations should first contact (DSPS) at (510) 464-3428, room #E251 for more information. After receiving the Academic Accommodations Authorization form from DSPS. Please contact Blanca Montes de Oca at (510) 464-3260 or email bmontesdeoca@peralta.edu in the Assessment Center in Advance to arrange for accommodations.

For more information please contact us at laneyassessment@peralta.edu or call (510) 464-3259.