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New Student Assessment Schedule

New Student Assessment Schedule

As of Spring 2019  Assessment Testing is no longer required before enrollment into English or math courses, if you have graduated from a regionally accredited United States high school and already applied to Laney College or completed the prerequisite course/courses at another college or university please see the following.

Assessment for Placement AB 705 – Multiple Measures
Examples of Multiple Measures items needed for placement:

• High School or College Transcripts
• Highest level of coursework completed in a subject area and corresponding course grade.
• Attitude Surveys /Self Placement (Math, English & ESOL)
• Vocational or Career Aptitude Interest Inventories
• Specialized Certificates or Licenses
• Education and Employment Histories
• Military Training and Experience
• Interviews
• Holistic Scoring Processes


             Assessment Day Reminders


  • All students must bring an unofficial transcript from their last High School or college.
  • Please bring the receipt of your completed on-line orientation
  • No visitors or children are allowed in the Testing Area during the area.
  • No Food/drink are permitted in the Assessment Area
  • All electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, tablets, laptop, etc.) must be off.
  • Evaluation results must be picked up in Room A-101 with proper identification.

If you have any questions, please call the Assessment Center at
(510) 464-3259