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Faculty/Staff Information (email, website, office hours)

Faculty/Staff Information (email, website, office hours)

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Laboratory Coordinator: Robert Tracy – rtracy@peralta.edu

Current Faculty Members Title e-mail/webpage Office Hours (Fall Semester) Room
Laurie Allen-Requa Biology Instructor lallenrequa@peralta.edu T/Th 11-1pm B251
Rebecca Bailey Department Co-Chair, Anatomy and Physiology Instructor rbailey@peralta.edu,  MWTh 1-2, T 4-5pm B207
Rajeev Banerjee Microbiology Coordinator rbanerjee@peralta.edu T 4:30-5:30; Th 9:30-10:30; MW 2:30-3:30 B203
Leslie Blackie Biomanufacturing Coordinator, Majors Biology Instructor lblackie@peralta.edu MW 1:30-2:30, TTH 12-1 B200, B202
Amy Bohorquez Department Co-Chair, Biology 10 Coordinator abohorquez@peralta.edu M-Th, 12-1pm B251, B202
Doug Bruce Biology & Biomanufacturing Instructor dbruce@peralta.edu Tu/Th 12-1pm, M 1-2 pm B251, A237
Kevin Davis Biology & Biomanufacturing Instructor  kdavis@peralta.edu T/Th 5:30-6pm; W 5-6pm B200
Irina Krylova Biology Instructor  ikrylova@peralta.edu T/Th 5:00-6pm B203
Judith Tate Biology Instructor jtate@peralta.edu  online
Megan Jensen Biology Instructor mjensen@peralta.edu  W/Th 5:30-6pm  B202
Margaret Kenrick Biology Instructor mkenrick@peralta.edu Th 7-8pm  online


Previous Faculty Members
Brad Balukjian Biology Instructor bbalukjian@peralta.edu
Paul Nagami Biology Instructor pnagami@peralta.edu
Briana McCarthy Biology Instructor briana.mc@gmail.com
Clytia Curley Biology Instructor montcurl@comcast.net
Asha Harikrishnan Biology Instructor
Jennifer Wade Biology Instructor jwade@peralta.edu
Laura Coronado Biology Instructor lgcoronado@yahoo.com
Thabiso M’Timkulu Biology Instructor thabiso@comcast.net
Andrew Allen Biology Instructor aallen@peralta.edu
Marina Crowder Biology Instructor
Rebecca Payne Biology Instructor rpayne@peralta.edu
John Polos Biology Instructor jpolos@peralta.edu