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Resources for Supporting Students

Resources for Supporting Students

Tips and Resources for Supporting Students

At Laney College we are committed to our students’ success and want to provide access to critical information along their academic journey. In order to help support students along the way, we want to provide four key resources we think are critical to help students succeed.

  1. What’s Your Educational Goal? Whether you have a goal or don’t, working with a counselor to map a plan-of-action is critical to your success. Make sure you get a comprehensive two-year student educational plan right away to maximize your time and effort. If Science or Allied Health is your plan, check out our Science Degree Schedule options. We have created multiple options to help you obtain your goals. Also, we have a Student Services Speaker Series that can help you find support in determining those goals. You can click on the names of the folks and their recourse groups.


  1. It’s Okay to Ask for Help. We know everyone learns in different ways and sometimes completing assignments and attending the lectures and labs are not enough for some of our students. Luckily, we have a number of great resources available to help.


Who We Are What We Do Where We Are How to Reach Us
James Oliver Community Writing Center Tutoring for writing in any course and access to computers for writing assignments Building B, Room 260


Library Individualized help finding books or articles for your class assignments Library (510) 464-3497


Text: 66746 with the keyword LaneyLib

Math Lab Tutoring on mathematical concepts, study space, and access to textbooks and calculators on loan. G Building, Room 201 (510) 464-3448


Student Success Center One-on-one and small group tutoring on a drop-in basis at tables in study areas organized by subject area. Eagle Village (EV),

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  1. Finding Financial Support. With the rising cost of living, books and transportation, we know our students continue to struggle to make ends meet which can impact staying in school. However, research shows that a number of students never apply for financial aid to see if they are eligible or know about resources that can help them learn critical tips to effective money management. We offer these things here! Including events like our Student Services Speaker Series. Also, check out this powerful online tool that is completely free for you:


Get More Information & Hands-on Support with Financial Aid at:


Financial Aid Office

Building A, Room 201

(510) 464-3414


Welcome Center

Building A, Room 101

(510) 464-3540


  1. Support the Whole Student. While we cannot be all things to all students, we know many of our students need access to services that support their personal health and wellness. We are fortunate to have two Wellness Centers on campus that provide an array of services and support and are already covered by student health fees. We also have a food pantry to provide our students with ongoing access to healthy food items. Look out for announcements at the beginning of the semester.One key to your academic success is prioritizing your personal health and wellbeing. We offer a number of on-campus services from access to nurses and mental health counseling to support with food and fitness. Many of these services are free-of-charge for enrolled students.


Food Pantry

Student Center, 4th Floor


Fitness Center

Room C102


Wellness Center I

Tower Building, T-250

(510) 464-3384


Wellness Center II

Student Center, 4th Floor, Room SC-410


*Some students might be exempted from this process based on their status. Please refer to the iEnroll@Laney Steps and more information on students who are exempt:


This resource list was been provided by our dean’s office. We modified some of the text to speak directly to students. We thank her office for the idea and information!