A Sweet Student Success Story: Katerina Balagian

A Sweet Student Success Story: Katerina Balagian

Baking & Pastry Graduate Lands Job at Allora

It is no secret that Laney staff members strive to put student success first in all areas, so it is a true delight when former students and graduates reach out to update the team. Last week, Katerina Balagian, Baking & Pastry 2019 graduate, let us know that she had just been hired at Allora, in Sacramento. The pastry chef thanked Laney College for its support and encouragement during her time as a student, and shared kind words for her former instructors, “I loved Laney. Chefs LewRaji, and Lambert were amazing inspirations to me. They were supportive of my weird style of baking, which is what got me the three best jobs of my life. I am very thankful for them.”

Prior to landing the new job, Balagian was a pastry chef at Coi in San Francisco, a two-Michelin starred restaurant, which sadly closed March 2022.

To read Katerina’s complete bio on the Italian restaurant’s website, click here.