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Enrollment for Spring 2018 Begins

Enrollment for Spring 2018 Begins

New and returning students can view Spring 2018 classes and register online at http://laney.edu/spring. Classes start January 22.

Here are some reasons to consider Laney:

Laney is Affordable – California residents pay only $46 per credit hour! That means that one 3-unit class, only costs you $138. Private institutions and even bigger state schools are more expensive which means you have to work harder to afford the tuition or need to take out larger student loans.

Laney Offers Strong Programs –  So what do you want to be when you grow up? A lawyer, computer scientist, or business man or woman? At Laney you can take courses that are transferrable to four-year institutions like University of California, Davis (or any other UC) or to San Francisco State University (or another CSU). Laney can set your foundation for what you want your career to be!

Student thinking about his future

If you’re interested in other career paths, then check out our Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. Do you want to be an electrician, carpenter, machinist, chef, or cosmetologist? If your answer is “Yeah!” then search no more! Laney offers the strongest CTE programs in the East Bay. Click here for a list of the degrees and certificates offered at Laney. 

Laney is Convenient – Our campus is a few steps away from the Lake Merritt BART Station so getting to class is a breeze! Also, if you work in downtown Oakland, you can choose to walk or ride your bike to school.


We hope to see you in class soon!