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Facilities Status Update – FEB. 17, 2017

Facilities Status Update – FEB. 17, 2017

From the Laney Infrastructure Working Group

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Ongoing work continues to address two different types of leaks at campus facilities:    

1. Membrane Leaks from the 2014 Leak Remediation Project 

2. Roof and Wall Leaks 

Membrane Leaks from the 2014 Leak Remediation Project 

There are currently 50 leak locations across 12 campus buildings including A, B, C, E, F and G, Student Center, pool, theatre, Forum, Tower and library. Membrane Leaks As of Feb. 10, two contractors, along with District General Services (DGS) and Laney Facilities personnel continue to assess, monitor, and mitigate the affected areas. The contractors include, Alana Buick Bers (leak consultant experts), and Valentine Corporation (the contractor of the 2014 Remediation Project). Valentine is expected to perform the work and complete repairs within a two-month period: From June 1 to July 22, and, from July 23 to Aug. 22. 

Roof and Wall Leaks 

WPT is the contractor that will be addressing roof and wall leaks. Walkthroughs have been schedule to continue to assess the problem spots and to schedule repairs. The contractor will begin work on Feb. 17 and the expected completion date in June 30.


Nine campus buildings including, A, B, C, F, Art Center, Student Center, theatre, Tower and library are in need of HVAC repairs or maintenance. Currently, TRANE has been contracted to address buildings/classrooms affected by high or low temperatures. The contractor has already assessed Buildings A, F, and G and expects to complete work at all the affected buildings by June 30.

Office of Civil Rights/ADA

The architectural company, MIG, has submitted price quotes and continues to evaluate facilities that need to comply with OCR/ADA guidelines. The contractor created a comprehensive list of items that need to be addressed. Laney Facilities Personnel will review the list before a follow-up report and meeting with the State on Feb. 23.


There are 32 doors at 11 campus buildings that need maintenance or repair including, A, E, F, G, gym pool, theatre, library, Field House, Student Center and Tower. In late January, Vortex serviced the automatic doors at the Tower Building, the Welcome Center, and other buildings. There are two other contractors that have submitted price quotes for servicing doors, Capitol Door and R&S. After the bid and approval process is completed and work begins, the projects are expected to wrap-up by June 30.


The Alameda Health Department has reviewed our proposal to replace the heating units and chlorination unit at the Laney Swimming Pool. After the department gives its final signs-off, we’ll be able to seek bids for the work to be performed. The tentative timeline is to select a contractor by March, schedule the work in April, and have it completed by the end of August.

Tower Elevators

KONE Elevator is under a two-year contract to address any maintenance issues with the elevators at the Tower Building. Looking ahead, the contractor hired to replace the elevator cabs at the Tower Building, Thyssenkrupp Elevator Company, is finishing up the submittal drawings for the State of California Division of State Architect (DSA). While DSA is reviewing the drawings, Thyssenkrupp will be fabricating the fixtures and the final quality control will be completed once the drawings are approved. 

The first installation of the elevator cabs is currently scheduled for installation in October 2017. The second elevator is currently scheduled for December/January 2017. The District is discussing the possibilities of moving the installation scheduling upwards from October 2017 for the Laney Tower elevator first installation. The second elevator cab along with the third units in Building E, will be installed thereafter. 

The District has also requested a Master Schedule from this vendor to update up you on the progress being made to replace existing units with new ones.


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