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Facilities Status Update – January 20, 2017

Facilities Status Update – January 20, 2017

Laney Infrastructure Working Group Facilities Update

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January 20, 2017


The Laney Infrastructure Working Group is a shared-governance subcommittee tasked with putting in place corrective action for the 319 items on the Emergency Repairs and Deferred Maintenance List, also known as the “Laney “Fix It” List.

It’s estimated that the total repair/maintenance cost of all items on the list is between $30-50 million. However, with only $5 million at Laney’s disposal to address “Fix It” items, the college representatives on the “Working Group” has prioritized and categorized items needing immediate attention as follows:

  1. Health and Safety (items addressing the health and safety of the campus community)
  2. Prevent or Disrupt classroom instruction (items interfering with classes)
  3. Non-emergency repairs and renovation

Given the magnitude of the list, the Working grouping is focusing on completing categories one and two immediately with work beginning in late December and we are planning items in category one and two within the next 6 months. Here are the list of items in categories 1 and 2 further grouped into five focus areas to be addressed immediately:

  1. Leaks
  2. HVAC issues
  3. Office of Civil Rights/ADA issues
  4. Doors
  5. Laney swimming pool

Joint College and Peralta District Office Effort

In December 2016, the Laney College Infrastructure Working Group began meetings with both college and Peralta District staff to start planning and implementing corrective action plans for the needed repairs. Since then, the joint group has met four times and will continue to hold bi-weekly meetings.

Members participating in the working group include:

From Laney College:

Audre Levy, Interim President

Phyllis Carter, Facilities Planning Committee Co-Chair, Director of Business & Administrative Services

Stephen Corlett, Faculty and Facilities Planning Committee Co-Chair

Amy Marshall, Interim Supervisor, Business & Administrative Services

Dolores M. Bernal, Public Information Officer


From the District:

Jowel C. Laguerre, Chancellor

Sadiq B. Ikharo, Vice-Chancellor of General Services

Ron Little, Vice-Chancellor of Finance and Administration

Dwight Calloway, Director of Facilities

Laura McCarthy, Director of Capital Projects

Osafran Okundaye, Facilities Project Manager

TBD, Project Manager (dedicated to “Fix It” List items)

Rosemary Vazquez, General Services


The next Laney Infrastructure Working Group status report to the campus will be presented following the semi-monthly College Facilities Planning Committee meeting on Feb. 6 from 4 to 5 p.m. in room T-850. Members of the college community are invited to attend a question and answer session.



To ensure focused and timely project management as well as accountability for the work that will be performed, three members of the work group interviewed three experienced consultants earlier this month with the aim of hiring a dedicated and skilled Project Manager/Consultant who will oversee the work at Laney.

The search was narrowed down to a consultant with civil engineering background and 20-plus years of professional experience working on college campus’ managing multiple projects similar to what Laney College is facing right now.

The selected candidate will ensure that the items from the Laney “Fix It” List are completed, efficiently and effectively and is expected to start in early February, following board approval.





Three types of leaks have been identified at the campus: Reoccurring leaks from the 2015 Campus-wide Leak Remediation Project; leaks from aging plumbing, and other non-plumbing leaks.

  • Leaks from the 2015 Campus-wide Leak Remediation Project

Several leaks stemming from the Campus-wide Leak Remediation Project in 2015 are being investigated by the contractor that was hired for the project and by leak specialists with the consulting firm, Alana Buick & Bers.

These reoccurring leaks from planters, quad decks, and other identified areas have impacted classrooms and offices in buildings B, F, and G. Temporary measures to prevent further damage and to keep rooms dry have been performed by DGS, including plugging leaky areas.

Leak specialists, the project contractor, and DGS’ Capital Projects are developing long-term solutions to mitigate these reoccurring leaks and foresee completing the work in the next few months.

Emergency leak repairs are already underway and will be completed before the Spring semester starts.

  • Leaks from Aging Plumbing

Leaks from aging, rusting, and leaking pipes are in the process of being addressed. DGS has hired a plumbing contractor to assess leaks causing damage to classrooms and offices. The intent is to complete pipe replacement by mid-February of this year.


  • Other Leaks

Leaks not associated with the two categories above are also being assessed by Alana Buick & Bers. DGS has also moved to implement measures to prevent additional water damage to classrooms and offices.


HVAC issues

  • TRANE has been hired to maintain HVACs on the campus. The company will be evaluating heating/cooling issues and develop a plan to complete repair items on the scheduled maintenance list.
  • Items not listed on the scheduled maintenance list but that are related to temperature control will be evaluated by Behringer. The company will check modulation of temperature control in classrooms to determine if there are any units that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Any other issues that cannot be addressed by either TRANE or Behringer will be taken care of by American Air Conditioning. The three companies have been contracted and assigned to do the work all needed work.
  • Water pumps in Building G were replaced two weeks ago and heating has been restored.

Office of Civil Rights/ADA issues

In January 2016, the CA State Chancellor’s Office of Civil Rights(OCR) conducted a site visit to ensure compliance with the American with Disabilities Act and with Nondiscriminatory federal laws.

  • Currently, Laney has outstanding 40 of 50 findings that it was cited for during the visit and needed corrective action.

The working group is awaiting a meeting with representatives from the Office of Civil Rights to determine which items may be eliminated from our list based on recent OCR guideline revisions.

In addition, DGS has moved forward to address OCR signage and other construction related items needed for Laney to be in compliance.

  • For other ADA-related items on the list, DGS will hire an ADA Architect to support our staff in implementing corrective action from items related to the on the Laney Fix It List.
  • KONE – an elevator maintenance company – was contracted this month to address elevator problems at the Library, the Tower Administration Building, and the Forum. The company will be also dispatched to repair the wheelchair lift in the Theater.



  • DGS has ensured that automatic doors at the Theater, Welcome Center, Student Center, and the Tower Building will be repaired by the first day of the Spring semester. A contractor began working on the doors on Tuesday, Jan. 17.
  • There are several doors throughout the campus that need replacement, including in buildings A, G, and F. As such, a blanket vendor contract is in process to hire a contractor to replace these doors.
  • Some 35 other doors across campus are in need of miscellaneous parts replacement such as doorstops and door-closers. With new parts, door operation will be improved. Currently handling these repairs are DGS engineers who have commenced ordering parts and minor repairs.

Laney Swimming Pool

A construction contract bid package to replace the pool’s heating units and chlorination unit has been submitted to the Alameda County Health Department. After approval, solicitation for bids will be obtained for contractor that will do the work.

Work at the pool is expected to be completed by March 2017.



Student Center Kitchen

The Student Center Kitchen is an item on the Laney “Fix It” List and has experienced improvements to that facility over the past year and half, including:

  • The installation of new hoods, 3 new stoves, 4 ovens, 1 chard broiler, and washable ceiling panels (completed in the Fall 2015).
  • New flooring in the serving area of the cafeteria, cosmetics to tray rails, and new wall panels for the second floor (completed in Summer 2016).
  • Installation of new basement first floor kitchen sinks and replacement of collapsed sewer line, renovation of faculty/staff office floor and ceiling tiles, mechanical equipment air compressor for cold rooms and kitchen movable tables (most of the work is completed and a few items to be before first day of classes).
  • Installation of a 3-compartment pot and pan sink on the second floor, repair of ceiling leak in faculty/staff office ceiling and delivery of ice making machine (to be completed within the next month).


Tower Elevators

Construction work to replace elevators at the Tower Administration Building and Building E will begin in the Summer/Fall 2017. Thyssenkrup is the contractor selected and approved by the Board.

The elevator replacement project cost will be funded from allocated 2015-16 Scheduled Maintenance funding for Laney College.



The Office of the Public Information Officer will begin distributing a bi-weekly facilities update newsletter to inform the campus community of ongoing infrastructure repairs and maintenance. The newsletter will also list scheduled maintenance items and work orders.

In addition, the PIO will also maintain a webpage on the Laney website with the latest facilities updates and other information.

For questions, please contact Dolores M. Bernal at, Phyllis Carter at, or Stephen Corlett at

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