It’s time to submit your We Rise Award nominations

It’s time to submit your We Rise Award nominations

I’m excited that it’s that time of year again where we get to nominate and honor our outstanding employees here at Laney College! The “We Rise” Award was developed with the idea that what I saw happening here on campus was the fact that when we collectively came together, we could rise to meet any challenge or seek innovation, or do new things in new ways. Our goal was to celebrate and honor those who exemplify the spirit of Laney College and have been working tirelessly toward helping us achieve our vision and values. Respect. Collaboration. Innovation. Accountability. 

This list goes on.

And what I’m most excited to announce is that this year, we will be expanding the “We Rise” Awards to include STUDENT EMPLOYEES! As one of our values is appreciation, it’s so important that we’re looking at everybody who helps serve the Laney College Community. I have to tell you, our student workers are amazing! I have the great privilege to work with student employees every day, both in my office and all around campus and I have to tell you, they are tireless advocates, hands-on support and champions for the work that we do here on behalf of students.

So I hope you’ll join me in nominating outstanding faculty, classified professionals, administrators and students who you think exemplify the spirit of Laney College’s “We Rise” Award! Information on the nomination criteria and the form to submit, are all available below.

I look forward to seeing your nomination soon!



Click the image below to access the We Rise submission form.


Click here to view the award criteria


Nominations do not need to focus on all eight (8) of the College’s adopted values, but can focus on the ones most salient to the individual nominee. To submit a nomination, please click on the button below. All nominations are due by FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2020.