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Thank You: Spring 2020 Flex

Thank You: Spring 2020 Flex

Tammeil shares her gratitude to those who participated and made our 2020 FLEX Day possible. You can also view the Roadtrip Nation and State Chancellor’s Office videos here as well!


Hey Laney College!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their participation today in our spring 2020 FLEX.  It was great to spend time with many of you in both the morning workshop as well as workshops throughout the day, and I’m really grateful to all the facilitators and everybody who helped support the event.  My gratitude to Felipe and Marla for all their work as our professional development chairs, spearheading and coordinating the day. And to Laney food service and to our custodial, our IT team. Alejandro for help as well with all the media-related needs that we had.  It is really my great honor and privilege to serve in this community with all of you.  I am super grateful and I send you my best wishes for a wonderful start to the spring semester.

You’ll find on the website with Tammeil’s Tidbits, pieces of things that I shared today in my session which includes the video on Roadtrip Nation.  It’s a longer one-hour video where Adam is feature, but you can also see the amazing stories and other campuses those students visited on their trip down the coast of California.

I’ll also include the video link to the State Chancellor’s Office video featuring our Laney College football program.  It was really a joy to see our students, the program, alumni, and really the campus highlighted so beautifully as it’s nestled right here in the heart of Oakland.  And the special shout out from the mayor as well.  We’re so grateful for the opportunity to be featured by the state and to really highlight the work that’s been happening here at Laney College.

And lastly, I’m sending that link to the video that was at the end of the presentation which was all shot on my iPhone. So pictures that I had from the last year of things that I’ve had the opportunity to attend or go to.  So, this little bit of love from me to you as you start the spring semester.  My very, very best.  In community.

Link to Roadtrip Nation video:

Link to State Chancellor’s Office video: