Laney College

Chem 1A

Chem 1A

Welcome to Chemistry 1A at Laney College!

I’m glad you’ve chosen to take this class! Chemistry 1A is the first semester of a year-long sequence in general chemistry. It is a challenging class with a heavy workload and is not meant to be an introductory class. If you haven’t taken chemistry before, I recommend that you take Chem 30A first to prepare for this class.

Course Description: First semester of a year-long sequence in general chemistry. The topics covered are: matter and measurement, atoms, elements, molecules, compounds, stoichiometry, reactions in aqueous solution, gases, thermochemistry, atomic structure, chemical periodicity, bonding and molecular structure, bonding theories, intermolecular forces, and solutions and their behavior.

Required Textbooks: 

  • Text: Chemistry, the Central Science, 14th ed., by Brown, LeMay, Bursten, Murphy, Woodward & Stoltzfus. ISBN 978-0134414232
  • You can use the 13th, 12th, 11th or 10th edition of the same book if you prefer.
  • Lab manual: Chemistry 1A Lab Manual, Version B, (Laney IMC, 2002)
  • Student Laboratory Research Notebook (Any lab notebook with duplicate pages)

Required Equipment and/or Supplies:

  • nonprogrammable scientific calculator that can handle logarithms and scientific notation. Graphing calculators may not be used for tests and quizzes.
  • A desktop or laptop computer with microphone and webcam (while classes are being held remotely)
  • A printer
  • A scanner or a scanning app on your phone

Recommended Materials:

  • Student Solutions Manual for the text
  • Safety glasses or goggles