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Chem 1A Sharma’s class Fall 2019

Chem 1A Sharma’s class Fall 2019

Checklist for Graphs

Interpreting Graphs



Clarifications about Experiment 18: Notes for Experiment 18 – Chem 1A


This page is only for students in my lab section of Anu Sharma’s class during Fall 2019.

If you are a student in Cheli’s Chem 1A lecture (the evening class), then this page does not apply to you.


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Significant Figure Rules 1A


Revised as of 10/15/19:  Lab Schedule and revised due dates: Chem 1A Lab Schedule Fall 2019 Sharma. Revised


Lab Experiments from the lab manual can be found here


Prelab preparation and lab reports: PreLab Guidelines

How to prepare for each laboratory experiment – the basics

Keeping a Scientific Lab Notebook



Lab report 15 Heat of fusion, solution

Lab report 13 Calc. of R (ideal gas)