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Chem 30A Resources

Chem 30A Resources

I will gradually add more resources as I find them.


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Chapter 1 РMatter and Measurements 

Animation of molecular movement in solids, liquids, and gases

Chemistry Math Learning Object


Chapter 2 – Atoms and the Periodic Table

Atomic Symbols Learning Object

Atomic Weight Learning Object

Dynamic Periodic Table


Chapter 3 – Ionic Compounds

Chemical Formulas Learning Object


Chapter 4 – Molecular Compounds

Lewis Structures Learning Object

Shapes of Molecules Learning Object


Chapter 5 – Classification and Balancing of Chemical Reactions

Balancing Chemical Equations Tutorial

Animation – Precipitation Reactions

Animation – Single Displacement Reactions


Chapter 6 – Chemical Reactions: Mole and Mass Relationships

Calculating Molar Mass Learning Object

Conversions Between Masses and Moles Learning Object


Chapter 7 – Chemical Reactions: Energy, Rates, and Equilibrium

Energy in Chemical Reactions Learning Object

Equilibrium Learning Object


Chapter 8 – Gases, Liquids and Solids

Boyle’s Law Animation

Charles’ Law Animation

Gay-Lussac’s Law Animation

Animation – Moles and Pressure

Avogadro’s Law Animation

Simulation – Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases

Animation – Movement of Water Molecules

Intermolecular Forces Learning Object

Vapor Pressure Learning Object

Boiling Point Learning Object

Chapter 10- Acids and Bases
Chapter 11 – Nuclear Chemistry