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Chem 30B

Chem 30B

Chemistry 30B is an introductory organic and biochemistry course. It is often required for nursing and other allied health majors.


Spring 2021

The first day of class is Tuesday, January 26.


We will be using the following textbooks:

Required Textbooks:

  • Text: McMurry, Ballantine, Hoeger, & Peterson, Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, 8th edition  (preferred – ISBN 9780134261393) or 7th Edition (will still work fine, and much cheaper  – ISBN 0321750837). The e-text is available through the publisher.
  • Lab manual: Chem 30B Lab Manual, Laney IMC. (Only available at the Laney College bookstore, but you can print individual experiments from this website.)


  • Solutions Manual and Study Guide for the textbook


The Laney Bookstore is open before the first week of classes, so if you don’t like waiting in super long lines, I recommend you go to the bookstore the week before classes start.

Preparation for the first week of class:

We will be starting with Chapter 12, so you can begin by reading that chapter.


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