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Chem 30B Handouts

Chem 30B Handouts

General Handouts:

Syllabus Chem 30B Spring 2021

Prelab outlines and Laboratory Safety Practices

Intermolecular forces



Homework Assignments:

HW Mc Murry 8th Ed – all chapters


HW All Chapters Mc Murry 7th


HW 30B Mc Murry 6th ed


Practice – Predominant forms of amino acids

Answers Predominant forms of amino acids 30B

Answers to Additional problems in Chapter 22


Naming Handouts: (thanks to Abraham Reyes for developing these handouts and allowing us to use them!)

List of straight-chain Alkanes

Names and formulas of selected Alkyl Groups

Naming branched alkanes

Steps for Drawing Isomers


Naming Alkenes and Alkynes (rules)

Naming Alcohols (rules)

Naming Ethers and Thiols (Naming and Properties)


Naming Aldehydes and Ketones (Rules)

Naming CAs Esters and Amides (rules)

Naming Amines and Amides (rules)


Priority of Functional Groups




Biochemistry Handouts


Amino Acid Sidechains

Classification of Proteins and Their Functions

Levels of Protein Structure – Ilustrations

Protein Structure 2 – Interactions – Hydrolysis – Denaturation


Classification of Enzymes

Enzyme Catalytic Activity



Glucose Fischer to Haworth projection step by step



Important coenzymes

Citric Acid Cycle

Electron Transport Chain complexes

Electron transport chain



Notes on Digestion and Metabolism

Regulation of glycolysis and glycogen metabolism

Metabolism Overview


Classification of Lipids

Structural units commonly found in lipids

Oxidation of Fatty Acids

Energy From Fatty Acids


Nitrogen Bases

Structure of Nucleic Acids

DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis

Genetic code