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Chem 30B Resources

Chem 30B Resources

PubChem structure search

Compound Interest – has fun chemistry infographics!



For Chapter 12: Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Intermolecular Forces Learning Object

Vapor Pressure Learning Object

Boiling Point Learning Object


For Chapter 18: Amino Acids and Proteins

General info and structures of amino acids and proteins

Peptide bond formation learning object


For Chapter 19: Enzymes

General info on enzymes

Video/Animation “How Enzymes Work”


For Chapter 20: Carbohydrates

General info and structures of carbohydrates



For Chapter 21: The Generation of Biochemical Energy

ATP structure and animation

Video: Citric Acid Cycle

Video: Electron Transport Chain



For Chapter 24: Lipids

General info and structures of lipids

Reaction of glycerol and fatty acids to make a triacylglycerol – animation


For Chapter 26: Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis

General info on nucleic acids