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Interesting Chemistry Links and Information

Interesting Chemistry Links and Information

Here are some interesting chemistry-related articles and links.


Compound Interest – has fun chemistry infographics!



eChem 1A: Online General Chemistry – open-access online general chemistry video repository from UC Berkeley has lots of short videos that cover topics in Chemistry 1A.


Beautiful Chemistry website with pretty videos of chemical reactions!



Taking action on chemicals in food

Chemical weapons stockpile incinerated in Oregon

Methanol-tainted liquor kills 143 people in India

Unsafe cosmetics face few limits

Images of a tar sands mine – go to this link and click on one of the links to see the full-sized images. They really make an impression.

This video is cool! Take a look. Wet towel in space




Wine and surface tension

Some chemical straightening agents contain formaldehyde, and stylists are getting sick from the exposure.

Video – Dogs on bonds